For these Terms and Conditions "YTL" shall mean YTL Corporation Berhad and the "YTL Platinum Plus Programme" shall mean those arrangements by which a member receives Platinum Points by spending money at the Participating Outlets and so qualifies for rewards under the Terms and Conditions herein. References to "Rewards" shall mean goods and/or services offered to members in exchange for sufficient amount of Platinum Points. References to "Benefits" shall mean benefits, privileges and services offered by YTL and the Suppliers at the Participating Outlets. References to "Participating Outlets" are to those outlets where members can accumulate Platinum Points and obtain Benefits under the YTL Platinum Plus Programme. "Suppliers" shall mean Rewards and/or Benefits providers or company/persons that are engaged by YTL to supply the Rewards and Benefits. References to ""this Website" shall mean


1. YTL Platinum Plus Card is an identification card for members of the YTL Platinum Plus Community.

2. A non-refundable fee of RM50.00 is chargeable for one (1) year membership and renewal at an annual membership fee of RM50.00. Payment shall be made at YTL Platinum Plus lounge at Starhill Gallery in cash or by credit card on-line via the Website. The validity of the YTL Platinum Plus Card shall commence upon payment of the membership fees.

3. Only individuals shall be members. Corporations, groups and/or associated entities may not enrol as members. Any individual who wishes to become a member must agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions stated herein.

4. Each member will be issued a YTL Platinum Plus Card with a unique membership number. YTL may charge RM10.00 for any replacement of lost, stolen or damaged cards. Upon notification, any Platinum Points resident in the lost, damaged or defective YTL Platinum Plus Card will be credited to the replacement YTL Platinum Plus Card. YTL will not be held liable for any accumulated points redeemed prior to the notification of such loss.

5. Members may be notified in writing for renewal upon expiry of membership via electronic mail. In the event of mail failures, members are responsible for renewal at the YTL Platinum Plus lounge at Starhill Gallery or online via the Website.

6. In the event that a card expires, all Reward Points and Benefits will be considered null and void.

7. YTL may at its sole discretion or at any time reject an application for membership of the YTL Platinum Plus Community or withdraw/revoke the same including the Platinum Points or Rewards or Benefits that may have been issued or redeemed without giving any reason whatsoever.

8. A member must notify YTL immediately on-line via this Website of any updates on member's profile, any change of address or any other contact confirmation to enable YTL, among other things, to send appropriate notification relating to the YTL Platinum Plus Programme and the use of the YTL Platinum Plus Card.

9. A member may at any time terminate his or her membership by giving notice to YTL wherein his or her right to use his/her YTL Platinum Plus Card shall immediately cease and the member concerned agrees that his/her unredeemed Platinum Points and Benefits shall be forfeited absolutely. Members shall undertake to destroy the YTL Platinum Plus Card immediately upon termination or return the same to YTL Platinum Lounge at Starhill Gallery.

10. Notwithstanding anything herein contained, upon termination of his or her membership for any reasons whatsoever, no membership shall be refunded by YTL.

11. Any tax, or whatsoever charges arising from a member's participation in the YTL Platinum Plus Programme is the responsibility of the member.

12. A YTL Platinum Plus Membership Card will be sent to you within 7 working days.


1. The accumulation of Platinum Points under the YTL Platinum Plus Programme is applicable to purchases made at any of the Participating Outlets.

2. Members must present the YTL Platinum Plus Card to the cashier at the time of payment for the qualifying goods and services or (if the transaction is by telephone or mail order or online via this Website, quote the membership number to which the YTL Platinum Plus Card relates) for accumulation of Platinum Points. Failure to do so will result in no Platinum Points being awarded for the amount spent. Previous or back dated receipts are not valid for accumulation of Platinum Points.

3. Platinum Points shall be awarded to valid members only and all Platinum Points awarded will be treated as null and void upon termination or cancellation of the YTL Platinum Plus Card for any reason whatsoever, regardless of whether the cancellation is effected by YTL or the member.

4. Platinum Points accrued by members are for the member's benefit or redemption only and may not be transferred, assigned or sold to anyone for any reason whatsoever.


1. Platinum Points accumulated can be redeemed for Rewards specially arranged and displayed on the then current Rewards and Benefits Catalogue in this Website.

2. Platinum Points accumulated are only redeemable on-line via this Website.

3. Platinum Points accumulated are not redeemable for cash or any other items unless specifically specified in the then current YTL Rewards and Benefits Catalogue in this Website.

4. Reservations for dining or hotel accommodation must be made seven (7) days in advance and will be subjected to the availability of rooms.

5 Issuance of dining or hotel accommodation Rewards does not constitute a reservation. The entitled member is responsible for notifying and making all reservations on-line via the Website. All dining and hotel accommodation Rewards are subject to availability.

6. YTL is not responsible for any cancellation charges incurred for dining and/or hotel cancellations by members.

7. Redemption instructions once submitted and completed by member(s) cannot be revoked or cancelled. Rewards redeemed cannot be returned or revoked or exchanged by the member(s). However, for hotel accommodation bookings, members are required to give two (2) clear days notice to the hotel concerned prior to the actual checking in date and for dining bookings, members are required to give not less than 1 day notice to the restaurant, bistro and/or any other eating outlets concerned prior to the actual time fixed in order to cancel such bookings wherein all hotel and dining bookings cancelled shall only be made by way of logging in to this Website and subject to YTL's approval at its sole discretion, only fifty percent (50%) of the Platinum Points used shall be reinstated to the member's account concerned for the cancellation referred herein.

8. All other Rewards and Benefits are subject to availability and are not refundable. YTL reserves the right to adjust the Platinum Points required for redemption of Rewards and Benefits as well as replacing any Rewards and Benefits of value without prior notice.

9. YTL reserves the right to refuse the redemption of any Rewards or Benefits or recall any redeemed Rewards or Benefits or unutilised Rewards or Benefits during the validity period if YTL has any reason to suspect the Platinum Points was fraudulently accumulated by the member or wrongly recorded.

10. All Rewards and Benefits are subject to such other terms and conditions as specified from time to time in the then current YTL Rewards and Benefits Catalogue in this Website (if any) and in the terms and conditions as imposed by the Participating Outlets or the ultimate reward provider or the Suppliers. It is the members' responsibility to satisfy any terms and conditions therein including advance booking requirements and any restrictions and/or fees payable in respect of the cancellation or alteration of any bookings.

11. Members are deemed to have examined all Rewards collected upon receipt of the same. YTL gives no representation or warranty with respect to any products and/or services features in the YTL Rewards and Benefits Catalogue or other channels of redemption. In particular, YTL gives no warranty with respect to the quality of the Rewards or Benefits or their suitability for any purpose. However, members may liaise directly with the Suppliers at the Participating Outlets. YTL does not accept liability whatsoever (including negligence) with respect to the Rewards supplied and Benefits given in connection with any Suppliers refusal to accept certificates/vouchers issued by YTL for the purpose of redeeming the Rewards and/or Benefits. Any disputes arising from this are solely between the members and Suppliers.

12. Upon redemption of Platinum Points, the number of Platinum Points set out in the then current YTL Rewards and Benefits Catalogue in this Website will be deducted from the Platinum Points balance of the member's point record. YTL reserves the right to deduct any points suspected to be fraudulently accumulated or any points recorded in error and any points relating to the purchases of goods and services which is cancelled or where a refund is given.


1. YTL reserves the right to suspend or terminate the YTL Platinum Plus Programme at any time without assigning any reasons. Upon notification of such suspension or termination the member has one month from the date of such notification to redeem the accumulated Platinum Points. Thereafter the Platinum Points remaining in the member's account shall be nullified and invalidated and YTL shall have no monetary obligations to repay these Platinum Points to the member wherein the member shall have no further claims, whatsoever against YTL.

2. YTL reserves the right to change, amend, modify at any time the Terms and Conditions of the YTL Platinum Plus Programme items in the YTL Rewards and Benefits Catalogue, Suppliers and/or the Participating Outlets without prior notice or reason whatsoever. YTL reserves the right to make that change regardless of whether it has the effect of reducing or extinguishing the number or value of, or the period of expiring (if any) of, any existing or future Reward Points and members are deemed to have accepted such changes, amendments and/or modifications.

3(i) YTL is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by the member due to the following reasons:

(a) any unauthorised use of the YTL Platinum Plus Card;

(b) any failure of a member to notify a Participating Outlet or the Suppliers that a transaction is a YTL Platinum Plus Programme transaction;

(c) any loss, theft or damage to any Rewards and Benefits in the course of post or delivery;

(d) any Rewards or Benefits not being available for any reason;

(e) any failure by the reward provider or Suppliers to meet the Terms and Conditions on which it has been agreed to provide a Reward or Benefit;

(f) any failure to notify members of any changes in these Terms and Conditions, the YTL Platinum Plus Programme, the Participating Outlets, the Suppliers, YTL Platinum Plus Catalogue and/or the number of Platinum Points which will be recorded for a transaction;

(g) the suspension and/or termination of the YTL Platinum Plus Programme.

(ii) YTL shall not be liable for any loss of accumulated Platinum Points or damage suffered as a result of any defect or error in any machines or inability to retrieve any information or data from the computer system. In any dispute, YTL reserves the right of the final decision.

(iii) YTL shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the member arising from any act or omission of YTL's agents and/or contractors including without limitation, any refusal to honor or accept the YTL Platinum Plus Card or any statement or other communication made in connection herewith or any defective goods or services supplied. Any dispute or claim the member may have with or against YTL's appointed agents and/or contractors shall not affect the obligations of the member under this these Terms and Conditions.

4. All conditions and warranties, whether express or implied and whether arising under legislation or otherwise, as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any goods or services supplied under the YTL Platinum Plus Programme are expressly excluded. No advice or information, whether oral or written or vide Website, obtained by member from YTL shall create any warranty not expressly made herein.

5. Member hereby authorizes YTL and/or its employees or servants to hold, make use of, disclose, divulge or reveal any information relating to the member and the member's used of the YTL Platinum Plus Card in such manner and to such extent as YTL shall from time to time deem necessary, to the relevant parties and/or its agents for research, planning, product development, advertisement and direct marketing. Member consents to have his/her photo taken by YTL at any time for the purposes of publicity and advertisement activities.

6. All correspondence and notices shall deemed to be given by YTL to a member if it is posted to the address of the member appearing in the YTL records or vide e-mail or by general posting on the YTL Website.

7. The laws of Malaysia shall govern this agreement between YTL and the member whenever the transaction takes place. The parties hereby submit irrevocably to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Malaysia.

Additional information regarding YTL Platinum Plus Programme, YTL Rewards and Benefits Catalogue and the Participating Outlets are provided in this Website.

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