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  From The Japanese
 1. Umisachi Harumaki - Spring Rolls lined with Avocado and Prawn with Special Soyu Glaze Tobiko
 2. Spidermaki - Rooled Japanese Vinegared Rice filled with Soft Shell Crab Tempura
 3. Gindara Teriyaki - Grilled Black Canadian Cod Fish with a Sweet Soy-seasoned 'Teriyaki' Sauce, It Has Always Been the Reason Why Our Guests Come Back So Regulary
 4. Master Grade Wagyu Teppanyaki - Tenderloin / Sirloin
 5. Sashimi Seven Varieties - Fish is best served Raw with Premium Soyu and Fresh Wasabi
  From The Grill
 1. Foie Gras - Crispy pan-fried served with prawn and Mushroom Risotto
 2. Shook! Caesar Salad - Crispy Romaine Lettuce with Beef Bacon, Chili Croutons And Parmesan Cheese
 3. Rack of Lamb - With Pearl Spanish onion Confit, Roma Tomato And Mushroom Ragout Served with Apple fig Balsamic Sauce
 4. Medallion of Grain Fed Beef Fortune - With pan-fried Goose liver and Robust Beef Jus
 5. Roasted Curry Scent Cod - With Forest Mushrooms, Confit of Garlic Red Wine Jus and Cauliflower Cream
 6. Honey Roasted Spiced Spring Chicken - Slow-roasted Spring Chicken Marinated in an Array of Aromatic Herbs and Honey served with Young Garden Vegetables
  From the Chinese
 1. Snow White Dancing Prawn - Stir-fried prawn with Hot Mayonnaise, Sprinkled with Honey Glazed Walnuts, a Must-try Creation of Shook!
 2. Shark Fin Soup - Superior Broth stewed with Shark's Fin and Crabmeats
 3. King Prawn Noodles - Cantonese Crispy Noodles with Fresh Water Prawns
 4. Chin-chin Tenderloin - Chinese Style Tenderloin Steak in Oriental Sauce, Fried with French Onions
 5. Wok wok Prawn - Stir-fried Fresh White Prawns with Special ly selected fine Herbs and Spices from the World's Famous Szechuan Region
  From The Italian
 1. Beef Carpaccio - Paper-thin Raw Wagyu Beef Drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Zest, with a squeeze of Lemon
 2. Gamberoni Pasta - Fresh King Prawn Pastawith your preferred Choice of White Wine Butter Sauce or Spicy Tomatoes
 3. Alla Carbonara - Pasta in a Creamy Sauce with Mushrooms and Beef Bacon
 4. Margarita Pizza - Topped with Sliced Cherry Tomato, Fresh Basil Leaves and Drizzle with Virgin Olive Oil
 5. Scallopine di Salmone e Exotica Funghi - Pan-fried Salmon Escalope with Herbs Sauteed Morel, Woodland Mushrooms and Truffle Butter Sauce
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