The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 was introduced by the Government to regulate the processing of personal data in commercial transactions. The Act, which applies to all companies and firms that are established in Malaysia, requires us to inform you of your rights in respect of your personal data that is being processed or that is to be collected and further processed by us and the purposes for the data processing. The Act also requires us to obtain your consent to the processing of your personal data.

Consequently, we wish to inform you that the personal data and other information (collectively, "Personal Data") provided in your enrollment to YTL Platinum Plus is being, and will likely continue to be, used and processed by YTL Platinum Plus, to keep you updated with information about our hotels, products and services.

Further, please be informed that we need your permission to process, store, use and transmit your data, for lawful YTL Platinum Plus business related purposes, to various locations, within Malaysia, either directly by us or through our 3rd party vendors.

We trust that you consent and agree to the terms above with respect to our processing of your Personal Data. If we do not receive any response from you on the above within fourteen (14) days of the date of this notice, we shall assume that you are agreeable to the same.

To contact us:
If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your Personal Data or wish to access and correct your personal data or about this Privacy Policy, please post or send an e-mail (including your name & Membership number) to:

Postal address:

Personal Data Protection Officer
ProMark Strategies
Suite 2506, Central Plaza,
34 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur 50250, Malaysia.